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Laser armpit hair removal in Prague

People try to get rid of unwanted hair in various and often quite painful ways. However, the most effective and convenient method is with the help of a laser.

And if you are looking for the best option, you should definitely consider laser underarm hair removal in our salon. Stop worrying about your skin and discover the benefits of laser hair removal, which guarantees you beautiful, smooth and healthy skin.

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For example, you can get a 50% discount on the first procedure by simply filling out a short quiz

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Why do hair removal with us?

Nowadays, we take for granted the absence of armpit hair, and failure to follow this unwritten rule is seen as a social faux pas.

So the question is not whether to undergo “hair removal”, but how and where. Laser epilation is a clear choice due to its permanent effect. Our salon has prepared an exclusive offer for you:

Safe and painless design

We employ one hundred percent experienced professionals who understand their work and have the best possible equipment. The fast-paced and efficient device is complemented by a sophisticated simultaneous cooling system, so you won't feel the heat of the laser on your skin.

Cutting-edge laser

We work with one of the most modern devices in the field of epilation. It differs from older diode-type lasers by twice as much in performance and efficiency.

All phototypes are welcome

In our country, it does not apply that only light skin with dark hairs is suitable for laser. Thanks to the ability to change the wavelength, we get rid of light or dark underarm hair of all skin types, from pale to the darkest or most tanned.

For women, for men - especially for you

We pride ourselves on the fact that our salon is gender neutral. A man longing for a smooth body will not feel embarrassed or effeminate with us. We know that men want to take care of themselves just like women, so we are not just a women's business.

Super results after the first session

The laser we use is very strong, and therefore, after the first session, we guarantee that the armpits will be so smooth that you will be able to appear with them in society. During further sessions, only the remnants of weakened hair will be removed.

With our laser treatment, you will get beautiful, smooth and healthy skin that you will love

And all this without pain and with minimal risk of side effects. Don’t let your pubic hair control your self-esteem and book with us today to enjoy the benefits of our top-notch treatment.

The price of armpit hair removal

Laser surgery costs something, in short-sighted comparison with a razor blade, and a razor blade is more expensive. However, if you take into account that after a few sessions, your armpits will be smooth forever, the laser pays off many times over. In addition, in the case of laser hair removal, the price reflects the extent of the treated area, so in the case of armpits, it is one of the cheapest.

Take a look at how much you will pay for it with us:

Small zone
500 Kč
  • glabellar line
  • brow ridge
  • fingers
  • toes
  • feet
  • ears
  • nose
Small zone
1 000 Kč
  • armpit
  • upper lip
  • chin
  • breasts
  • eyebrows
  • buttocks partially
  • midline belly
  • wedge
  • neck
Middle zone
1 500 Kč
  • hands up to elbows
  • hands above elbows
  • buttocks
  • neck
  • sacrum
  • intergluteal fold
  • shoulders
  • breasts
Big zone
2 500 Kč
  • deep bikini
  • hips
  • lower legs+ knees
  • upper back
  • lower back
  • entire abdomen
  • lower back
  • cheeky face
  • whole hands

Comparison before and after

Photo of neck hair before laser hair removal Before
Photo of a hairless neck after laser hair removal After
Photo of hair under arms before laser hair removal Before
Photo of hair under arms after laser hair removal After
Photo of hair on the chin before laser hair removal Before
Photo of chin after laser hair removal After
Photo bikini area before laser hair removal Before
Photo bikini area after laser hair removal After
Photo of leg hair before laser hair removal Before
Photo of hairless legs after laser hair removal After
Photo of hair on arms before laser hair removal Before
Photo of a hairless-hand after laser hair removal After

Laser underarm depilation - reviews are convincing

It is said that good goods praise themselves. Our clients have to do it for us. Look in the reviews to see how they describe how they were satisfied with the procedure and how the price of laser hair removal corresponded to the quality of service.

How laser hair removal works - it's a consistent action that pays off

The desire for a smooth body has accompanied mankind since ancient civilizations. However, the fact that it is now possible to achieve this goal permanently has been made possible by the scientific and technological development of the last centuries. With the laser, beauty care has acquired a whole new dimension.

Permanent laser hair removal - these are the things!

Today everything is different. While

  • Armpit depilation was an endless regular shaving and subsequent struggle with regrowing and ingrown hairs and an itchy rash provided by us
  • Laser hair removal of the armpits using a simple illumination causes the complete destruction of all unwanted hairs. So there was hope for lovers of swimming and other sports, and admirers of hanger dresses – your armpits will always be perfect.
Laser armpit hair removal obrázek 23
Laser armpit hair removal obrázek 25

What do you need to do for this?

  • First of all, you have to make an appointment with us and we will discuss with you the overall procedure for the procedure and any contraindications that could represent, for example. taking antibiotics.
  • It will be better if you do not expose the area to the sun before sitting, which is not a problem in the case of armpits, and shave them immediately before the procedure.
  • Then you just come to us and let yourself be taken care of. The desired result in the form of smooth skin wherever you want (we will be happy to treat your hand hair) will come unexpectedly soon.

Number of interventions or How many times will we see each other?

In general, 5-8 sessions are needed to fully deal with pubic hair. The laser only acts on hairs at a certain stage of their life cycle, so complete eradication is carried out in parts.

Care after the procedure? No!

Thanks to synchronised cooling, the skin is intact after the procedure, slightly reddened in more sensitive individuals for the first few hours. It is possible to treat it with cream that is suitable to protect it from the sun, but otherwise, it is not necessary to do anything at all!

Laser armpit hair removal obrázek 27

FAQ armpit hair removal and all other questions

What clients ask most often:

Laser armpit hair removal obrázek 29

The culprit is hormonal changes associated with aging or medication. The laser does not care about the cause, it reliably burns each follicle.

After permanent laser epilation, it will be on the order of years. The exact number fluctuates due to many factors, the ability to regenerate is simply different for everyone.

How long does smooth skin last?

The honest answer is: We don’t know exactly because it’s very individual. It depends on who has the ability to regenerate. Sometimes the hairs never reappear; for others, they return on the horizon after years or decades.

Does the laser pose a health risk?
Certainly not. Just as ultrasound does not cause any negative changes in the body, a laser workplace is not a risk for either clients or employees.

With us, you can finally relax from worries about unwanted hair

Thanks to our laser hair removal, you can look forward to beautifully smooth and healthy skin. Plus, you’ll save a lot of time and money that you previously had to spend on frequent shaving, waxing and other hair removal methods.

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