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Permanent laser hair removal in Prague

Permanent laser hair removal is a modern method that effectively, quickly, and painlessly reduces hair on all parts of the body. The laser destroys all parts of the hair, including the roots; therefore, it is by far the most effective method that has proven results.

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Permanent laser epilation is offered by a number of clinics. So why choose us?

Permanent laser hair removal is completely safe and painless

The medical laser may only be operated by professionally trained personnel. Our doctors are certified and have extensive experience using the powerful laser. Maximum safety is also ensured by the protective goggles that our clients wear throughout the procedure.

We have the top of the range Motus AX laser

Our salon owns an innovative alexandrite device Motus AX from the Italian company DEKA. Unlike most conventional diode lasers, ours is able to effectively eliminate light hair and works even on dark skin. It is twice as effective.

Treat yourself to permanent laser hair removal whenever it suits you

Do you want to get started immediately, no matter what time of year it is? With us you can. You can undergo laser treatment even with a mid-summer tan if all recommendations are followed. Our equipment can also cope with dark skin phototypes.

Permanent laser hair removal is the optimal solution for both women and men

Beautifully smooth, hair-free skin has many benefits. So it's not just a question of aesthetics. Clients mostly appreciate the time and financial savings and comfort provided by laser hair removal. Men also have hair removed from various parts of their body and, in addition, with the help of a laser, they can solve unpleasant beard ingrowth.

You will notice the difference after the first treatment

Laser epilation requires several repetitions to achieve optimal results. This is due to the fact that the hairs are in different growth stages at the time of application. But you will notice the change after the first session, when the laser eliminates up to 20% of the hair.

With our laser hair removal method, you’ll get lasting results you can rely on

Contact us today and get the beauty and comfort you deserve.

Permanent hair removal - price of treatment with Motus Ax

You have no idea how much it costs Laser epilation? Price always depends on the size of the lot. To help you navigate, we have divided each area into three zones: small, medium and large. The price is always for one application.

Small zone
500 Kč
  • glabellar line
  • brow ridge
  • fingers
  • toes
  • feet
  • ears
  • nose
Small zone
1 000 Kč
  • armpit
  • upper lip
  • chin
  • breasts
  • eyebrows
  • buttocks partially
  • midline belly
  • wedge
  • neck
Middle zone
1 500 Kč
  • hands up to elbows
  • hands above elbows
  • buttocks
  • neck
  • sacrum
  • intergluteal fold
  • shoulders
  • breasts
Big zone
2 500 Kč
  • deep bikini
  • hips
  • lower legs+ knees
  • upper back
  • lower back
  • entire abdomen
  • lower back
  • cheeky face
  • whole hands

Can permanent laser hair removal be done on all parts of the body?

Laser hair removal is a very safe method. Our laser device is powerful, but also gentle, so it can be used even in areas with extremely sensitive skin. Permanent hair removal of the intimate parts is very popular with both women and men.

Eyebrow hair is also removed safely as part of permanent facial hair removal.

For men, permanent beard or back waxing is very popular. Beards are most often trimmed, but the entire growth can be eliminated in this way.

Permanent laser hair removal obrázek 1

The laser safely reduces hair on all parts of the body

Here you can undergo permanent epilation of the whole body at a discounted price.

Comparison before and after

Fotografie chloupků na krku před laserovým odstraněním chloupků Before
Fotografie bezvlasého krku po laserovém odstranění chloupků After
Fotografie vlasů pod paží před laserovou epilací Before
Fotografie vlasů v podpaží po laserové epilaci After
Fotografie chloupků na bradě před laserovým odstraněním chloupků Before
Fotografie brady po laserovém odstranění chloupků After
Fotografie oblasti bikin před laserovým odstraněním chloupků Before
Fotografie oblasti bikin po laserovém odstranění chloupků After
Fotografie chloupků na nohou před laserovým odstraněním chloupků Before
Fotografie bezsrstých nohou po laserové epilaci After
Fotografie chloupků na pažích před laserovým odstraněním chloupků Before
Fotografie bezvlasé ruky po laserovém odstranění chloupků After

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How does permanent laser hair removal work?

Our doctor will guide you through the entire process during your first consultation and will also instruct you on what to observe before and after each application.
The treatment itself takes several to tens of minutes depending on the size of the area to be treated. You will be wearing safety goggles at all times and will be comfortably seated in a chair or on a lounger.

The doctor can also apply a local anaesthetic to your skin in addition to the hydrogel if requested. However, since the device has its own cooling system, you probably won’t need it.

Permanent laser hair removal obrázek 25
Permanent laser hair removal obrázek 27

What (not) to do before the procedure?

  • Do not shave the hairs for a month using any method, just shave them with a razor.
  • Do not actively sunbathe for a week before the appointment.
  • Shave the area smooth the day before and do not drink any alcohol.
  • Do not apply any more cosmetic products on the day of the appointment.
  • The skin must be clean.
  • If you have been taking antibiotics, postpone the application for 4 to 6 weeks (from discontinuation).


  • You should not actively sunbathe for a month. So if you don’t want to limit yourself in the summer, plan your sessions for the winter months.
  • Protect the skin from injury and do not apply any cosmetics to the treated area immediately after the procedure.
  • If your skin itches, your doctor will prescribe a suitable ointment.

Our experts will provide you with professional treatment

You will feel comfortable and safe. Order now and start your journey to freedom from unwanted hair.

What else you want to know about permanent laser hair removal - FAQs

In most cases, the application must be repeated 5 to 8 times.

For most clients, laser hair removal is the ultimate solution. The laser destroys the hairs and the bulb so they don't grow back. However, the human body has a considerable capacity for regeneration, so we recommend a maintenance treatment once or twice a year.

Laser hair removal is not suitable for epileptics. Other contraindications are: pregnancy and breastfeeding, acute inflammation of the skin, rashes, tattoos, mechanical damage to the skin, keloid scars, oncological diseases and bleeding disorders.

Approximately one week to 30 days after application. If your skin itches or becomes red during this period. This is a completely normal phenomenon, you have nothing to worry about. Just don't scratch!

Get unlimited freedom in your everyday life with permanent laser hair removal!

With our professional and painless method, you will get rid of unwanted body hair and get smooth and soft skin. Contact us today and let us take care of your beauty and comfort

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