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Laser epilation review

It is natural that you want to learn as much information as possible about before the procedure laser epilation. Reviews will tell you exactly what awaits you and what you should prepare for.

Personal opinions and experiences will give you useful insight into how our salon works and dispel all your doubts.

Laser epilation - customer reviews

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Why undergo laser epilation in Prague? Reviews of our clients mention these advantages of ours:

Professional approach of certified experts

With us, you can be sure that the procedure is always performed by a trained specialist. Safety glasses are also an important element to protect your eyes from the direct or reflected laser beam. The procedure itself is very well tolerated even by more sensitive people, as the device has a cooling device that temporarily numbs the treated areas.

We use a high-end laser device

In our salon, we use the powerful Motus AX laser device, which is up to twice as efficient as conventional diode lasers. Our laser was developed by the Italian company DEKA with an emphasis on efficiency. At the same time, it also ensures maximum gentleness to the skin. You don't even have to worry about epilation of intimate parts and places with very delicate skin.

We achieve great results not only in the epilation of dark hair

The laser effectively eliminates not only dark, but also light hairs, and is also a suitable choice for people with dark skin types. Even a tan doesn't matter, it just can't be fresh. This greatly facilitates the planning of individual sessions, as you can schedule applications for the summer as long as you follow all the recommendations.

Our clients appreciate our sensitive approach

Laser hair removal is an aesthetic procedure, but it is certainly not intended only for women. Men also have a wide open door with us. Smooth skin is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also of hygiene. The laser can also be used to treat painful ingrown hairs, which often recur and can even become unpleasantly inflamed. This problem affects men more often (mainly beard growth), but it can also occur in women.

Demonstrable results immediately after the first application

Those interested in laser epilation are most often afraid of pain and also of disappointment that the procedure will not be effective enough. An optimal result will be ensured by completing all the recommended sessions while following the basic recommendations. However, our clients notice a significant loss of hair after the first treatment.

Do you want to be sure that laser hair removal is safe for you?

Discuss any specific questions directly with our doctor.

Top quality laser hair removal is affordable

You have no idea how much it costs epilation by laser. Prices are determined by two basic factors: the size of the area in question and the density of hair. It is up to your doctor to make a professional assessment of how many applications you will need to keep your hair from growing back. Some clients only need 3 applications, others need at least 8 repetitions.

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The total cost of laser hair removal is one-time higher than other hair removal methods

However, no other hair removal method has a permanent result. Take advantage of our promotional packages and treat yourself to top care at low prices.

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Don't know what to expect from laser epilation? The experiences of others are a useful guide. Come and try the effects of the laser for yourself!

Laser hair removal is a comfortable and painless way to get rid of body hair. There is no mechanical damage to the skin and it is relatively time-saving (smaller areas are treated in a few minutes).

Absolute comfort with a minimum of side effects is something that reviews repeatedly mention about laser hair removal.

Try the effects of the powerful Motus AX laser on your own skin without obligation

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