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Laser hair removal on the belly in Prague

Do you have a problem with excess hair on your belly, which spoils your athletic body? Laser hair removal of hairs on the abdomen is a modern solution to this problem.

Our salon offers several unique advantages in this respect, which it would be foolish not to use. Laser epilation is a non-invasive and effective method that removes hair permanently.

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The first is the possibility of getting a 50% discount on the first treatment with us

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Why perform abdominal hair removal with us?

A bare belly is obviously on the agenda. And the idea of someone shaving this garment with a razor or waxing it, or pulling out one hair after another with tweezers in a huddled position, is quite grotesque.

Fortunately for everyone, laser beams do not have preferred locations and can remove hair permanently anywhere on the body. What services does our salon add to this?

Modern devices take into account the latest knowledge

Although it may sound unbelievable, science and technology are still advancing by leaps and bounds. What was a hit a few years ago is now becoming obsolete. Our laser device, produced in Italy, represents the latest innovation in the field of epilation. Its double performance shortens the duration of the procedure and the time required for perfect hair removal.

Procedure without pain and risk

The laser beam does not pose a risk of pathological changes to the human body. The problem is that it is, popularly speaking, "hot". But you won't notice it with us. In parallel with the beam, we start effective cooling and, above all, the laser fulfills its task so quickly that the hair area does not have time to react to it.

Eligibility for all colors

New-age laser devices, like ours, work at different wavelengths, so they can target hairs of different shades. They can also be aimed more precisely and do not need a contrasting background. So the color of your skin or hair is irrelevant to the success of the procedure; we can do anything.

Understanding the needs of different genders

Unwanted hair bothers both sexes, although each a little differently. We are aware that not only the abdominal parts, but also the depilation of the butt or problems with breast hair are intimate matters. We guarantee discretion and a highly tactful approach.

Tangible change after the first session

We do not hide the fact that, for the complete destruction of pubic hair, you will have to visit us several times. Thanks to the increased power of our device, however, the vegetation will be so damaged after the first procedure that it will act as much as a third compared to the original state.

Feel good when wearing swimwear and underwear

Proudly show everyone your belly. Have all the disfiguring pubic hair removed by laser. Make an appointment with us!

The price of hair removal on the abdomen

Laser hair removal of the abdomen reflects the size of the treated area. The calculation in the table below takes into account the idea of a belly overgrown with dense vegetation. If you suffer from several hairs below the navel, we will negotiate the price with you individually.

Small zone
500 Kč
  • glabellar line
  • brow ridge
  • fingers
  • toes
  • feet
  • ears
  • nose
Small zone
1 000 Kč
  • armpit
  • upper lip
  • chin
  • breasts
  • eyebrows
  • buttocks partially
  • midline belly
  • wedge
  • neck
Middle zone
1 500 Kč
  • hands up to elbows
  • hands above elbows
  • buttocks
  • neck
  • sacrum
  • intergluteal fold
  • shoulders
  • breasts
Big zone
2 500 Kč
  • deep bikini
  • hips
  • lower legs+ knees
  • upper back
  • lower back
  • entire abdomen
  • lower back
  • cheeky face
  • whole hands

Comparison before and after

Fotografie chloupků na krku před laserovým odstraněním chloupků Before
Fotografie bezvlasého krku po laserovém odstranění chloupků After
Fotografie vlasů pod paží před laserovou epilací Before
Fotografie vlasů v podpaží po laserové epilaci After
Fotografie chloupků na bradě před laserovým odstraněním chloupků Before
Fotografie brady po laserovém odstranění chloupků After
Fotografie oblasti bikin před laserovým odstraněním chloupků Before
Fotografie oblasti bikin po laserovém odstranění chloupků After
Fotografie chloupků na nohou před laserovým odstraněním chloupků Before
Fotografie bezsrstých nohou po laserové epilaci After
Fotografie chloupků na pažích před laserovým odstraněním chloupků Before
Fotografie bezvlasé ruky po laserovém odstranění chloupků After

Laser hair removal on the abdomen - reviews help to make a decision

You have trouble overcoming your shyness or are distrustful of new things. Go through the reviews of our clients, they are authentic.

How does abdominal hair removal work? It doesn't tickle!

Surely you have noticed how much the abdomen is a sensitive zone. The centre of the body is a well-hidden and pampered space. Therefore, abdominal exercises are the most painful, and injections in the abdomen are the most feared. In the case of lasers, however, this is not the case; it treats the abdominal area like any other part of the body, and you will not feel anything.

Permanent abdominal depilation - smooth for eternity

The heat of the laser completely destroys the hair root, and it does not matter if it is:

  • Individual hairs on a woman’s belly, which can be relatively easily removed by plucking with tweezers, or a continuous dense growth typical of male bellies.
  • Depilation of a woman’s abdomen is, of course, a simpler and shorter-term matter, which is reflected in the price. The hairs on the belly of women are usually lighter and finer and are removed mainly when they are dark or overgrown.

How is it done?

After ordering, we will contact you and explain everything. During the procedure, we will expose the area to laser while you lie comfortably. And in a few minutes, it will be done.

Laser hair removal on the belly obrázek 23
Laser hair removal on the belly obrázek 25

Number of interventions or How many times will we see each other?

The magic formula of aesthetic salons is: 5 – 8 sessions. However, it is individual and depends on how many hairs are in the optimal growth phase during the procedure. It can be 25%, but also much more, so clients are often surprised when it is done earlier – and so the price of laser hair removal eventually drops.

Care after the procedure? Watch out for the sun

Our device is so gentle on the skin that you probably won’t need any treatment cream. You should just avoid the sun for some time to completely soothe your skin.

FAQ epilation of the abdomen

Usually not; these are changes due to age and genetics. Sometimes the disease is to blame

We require the usual hygiene, respectively. shaving the area according to our instructions.

The laser is ready in a few minutes and we try to perform the procedure in the shortest possible time for your greatest comfort.

It depends on the body's ability to regenerate, but it will probably take years.

Do you long to have a permanently smooth body without constant shaving and depilation?

With laser hair removal, you can make this dream come true! Our salon offers a solution that allows you to say goodbye to unwanted hair forever. Visit us and enjoy the benefits that laser hair removal will bring you!

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