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Laser hair removal for men in Prague

Laser hair removal for men is currently a growing trend. Why should attractive, smooth skin, comfort, and easier hygiene be the privileges of the fairer sex?

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Get rid of annoying hair once and for all

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Laser hair removal for men - why with us?

Excessive body hair, hair growing asymmetrically or in inappropriate places, difficulty performing basic hygiene or active sports – there are many reasons why more and more men choose laser epilation. But why choose our salon for the procedure?

Painless and safe procedure

With us, you do not have to worry about any inconvenience. Our laser technology is state-of-the-art, and our specialists are highly qualified to ensure the fast, painless, and risk-free removal of unwanted hair.

Cutting-edge, certified laser device

Our ace up our sleeve is the best equipment. For epilation, we use the premium alexandrite laser Modus AX, the absolute top in its class. In addition to its safety, you will also appreciate its effectiveness. The efficiency with which it works is unattainable for conventional diode lasers.

Suitable for all phototypes

You may have heard that laser hair removal is not suitable for light hair or for individuals with a darker skin tone. This is indeed true for some types of lasers, but not for our device. It can easily deal with light hair, light or tanned skin. You can safely perform the procedure regardless of your phototype.

Guaranteed results after the first session

Thanks to the unique features of the device, as well as the knowledge and experience of our experts, you will not miss the results. We guarantee that the change will be noticeable after the first procedure.

We have the door wide open for men

Men who long for smooth skin and the benefits associated with it are more than welcome here. In our salon, everyone can look forward to a safe space without prejudice and a maximally individual and professional approach.

Gentlemen, enjoy the practical and aesthetic benefits of a hair-free life and tiring shaving

Laser hair removal in our salon is the right solution for you.

Prices for permanent men's laser hair removal

How much does it cost to have laser epilation? Prices are in the table below. It depends on the size of the treated area, the degree of hair, and the time required for the procedure.

S zone
500 Kč
  • brow ridge
  • toes
  • glabellar line
  • back of hand
  • feet
  • calf
  • fingers
  • ears
  • nose
  • brow ridge
M zone
1 500 Kč
  • intergluteal fold
  • buttocks partially
  • midline belly
  • upper lip
  • temples
  • neck
  • courtyard
  • chin
  • wedge
L zone
2 000 Kč
  • hands above elbow
  • hands up to elbow
  • sacrum
  • shoulders
  • armpit
  • buttocks
  • neck
XL zone
3 000 Kč
  • whole face+ neck
  • calves+ knees
  • upper back
  • lower back
  • deep bikini
  • classic bikini
  • entire abdomen
  • chest
  • thighs
  • hips

What are the options for men's depilation with us

Excessive hair in men in our salon is commonly solved. The most common wish of our male clientele is the removal of hair on the back, chest, and abdomen, but also on the neck. Laser hair removal can be done in any area; below, we list only some cases.

Removal of back hair in men

Excessive back hair is a very common phenomenon. It often lowers self-esteem in men, causes shame. With the help of laser hair removal, this problem can be solved within a few months.

Men's natural depilation

The laser can also treat the area of men’s intimate parts. There is no reason to be ashamed, the workers in our salon are experienced professionals, natural hair removal and its surroundings also belong to their work.

Laser hair removal for men obrázek 1
Laser hair removal for men obrázek 3

Men's Brazilian laser hair removal

You no longer have to think about how to shave your butt and avoid irritation while doing so. With the help of a laser, you can remove hair from the pubic area, groin, but also buttocks without worrying about stubble, ingrown hairs or infection.

Men's chest depilation

Excessive or asymmetrical chest hair may no longer be the reason for your complexes. Get the chest you’ve always dreamed of.

Epilation of armpit hair for men

Forget about painful depilation of the armpits with wax or sugar paste. Laser epilation is much more pleasant, and most importantly, its results are permanent.

Laser abdominal depilation for men

You no longer have to be ashamed to throw off your T-shirt. Unsightly hair on the abdomen is no problem for our specialists. Within a few sessions, they can completely eliminate them along with your worries.

Foot depilation men

Whether you want smooth skin on your feet, perhaps because you are actively involved in sports or purely for aesthetic reasons, laser hair removal is a fast, durable and safe solution.
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We are here for you

As part of the consultation, we will be happy to answer your questions and discuss the possibilities of epilation in your particular case.

Comparison before and after

Fotografie chloupků na krku před laserovým odstraněním chloupků Before
Fotografie bezvlasého krku po laserovém odstranění chloupků After
Fotografie vlasů pod paží před laserovou epilací Before
Fotografie vlasů v podpaží po laserové epilaci After
Fotografie chloupků na bradě před laserovým odstraněním chloupků Before
Fotografie brady po laserovém odstranění chloupků After
Fotografie oblasti bikin před laserovým odstraněním chloupků Before
Fotografie oblasti bikin po laserovém odstranění chloupků After
Fotografie chloupků na nohou před laserovým odstraněním chloupků Before
Fotografie bezsrstých nohou po laserové epilaci After
Fotografie chloupků na pažích před laserovým odstraněním chloupků Before
Fotografie bezvlasé ruky po laserovém odstranění chloupků After

Removal of unwanted hair in men - reviews

What do our clients say about us? Read their feedback.

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How is permanent male hair removal performed

First of all, it is no different from the women’s. First of all, the specialist cleanses and prepares the skin for treatment. Then he attaches the device to it, they emit pulses. These are attracted by the pigment melanin directly into the hair follicle. In it, the energy of the beam turns into heat, the follicle heats up and destroys it. At the same time, the sophisticated cooling system protects your skin to prevent burns and the procedure is completely painless for you.

Is it necessary to repeat the session? How many times?

With each treatment, only a certain part of the hair is affected – those that are currently in the active growth phase. Therefore, it is necessary to perform the procedure repeatedly. The total number of sessions is individual, on average 4-6 sessions are enough for perfect results.

Is permanent hair removal suitable for men?

Clearly yes, there is no reason why men should be forbidden it. Just check if you have any contraindications that are incompatible with epilation.

  • cancer, HIV, AIDS
  • injuries, wounds and other disorders of the integrity of the skin in the area of epilation
  • taking antibiotics and other drugs
Laser hair removal for men obrázek 31
Laser hair removal for men obrázek 33

Skin care after the procedure

Immediately after the procedure, the item may be reddened and it is advisable to treat it with a soothing cream. In addition, you do not have to worry about a demanding or unpleasant convalescence.

  • Do not pull out the remaining hairs after the procedure.
  • It minimises the risk of infection. Avoid risky places such as tanning beds, saunas, or swimming pools.
  • Do not expose your skin to direct sunlight, always protect it with creams with a high protection factor.

Still hesitating?

Try treating a small area for the first time. You will see for yourself why some consider laser hair removal to be synonymous with freedom and comfort.

Laser hair removal of pubic hair in men - FAQ

Below is an overview of the most frequently asked questions in connection with male laser epilation.

No special preparation for the procedure is needed. Do not pluck hair before treatment, also, keep the affected area and its surroundings clean. Do not apply body creams or oils. For laser armpit epilation, skip the application of deodorant or antiperspirant.

Treatment with a laser device is very fast. For example, armpit epilation takes only 5 minutes on average. However, the exact sitting time depends on the extent of the epilated part and the degree of hair.

Laser hair removal does not require any complicated convalescence. Immediately after treatment, you can return to your normal routine. After the procedure, the specialist who performs the procedure will give you a few simple recommendations for the coming days and weeks.

During laser hair removal, hairs do not grow or cannot. It is the only method of hair removal with which their unpleasant ingrowth is not associated.

Yes, it is possible. This is especially useful if your beard grows irregularly, asymmetrically or if you suffer from ingrown hair.

Do you also have unnecessary hair on your face, chest or back?

Stop worrying about them and put yourself in our hands! Book laser hair removal for men today and get the smooth skin you deserve.

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